Juno, Take #2

Second take with Juno from February... more of the amazing window light in this space I've been shooting in... everything below was shot entirely with available light.

Check out Juno's work at More scans coming soon...

Catalina, Take #1

#0543_05 - Catalina, 2017

Take #1 with Cat, the second shoot I did up in Inverness at the end of May. You can see Take #1 with Nicole here...

Cat showed up with a small truck load of wardrobe, which I always appreciate, am typically overwhelmed by, and almost never end up using, though we did end up putting a couple looks together.

More material on the way from both shoots, some great outdoor stuff and random shots I really dig involving a picnic table...

See more of Cat's work on Instagram and the obligatory Model Mayhem...

#0543_25 - Catalina, 2017

#0544_09A - Catalina, 2017

#0544_28A - Catalina, 2017

#0545_08A - Catalina, 2017