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Eva Luna

Way behind on posts, tons happening, taking part in the 5th annual StartUp Art Fair in San Francisco at the end of April. In the mean time, shot with the lovely Eva Luna way the hell back in September, I think? Either way, here’s a few quick picks, may end up printing a few of these in the next couple weeks… Check out Eva’s work at







Keira Grant, Take #2

Horrifically behind on literally everything. New posts coming soon, working on some updates to my site as well, new work, old work, bits and pieces… In the mean time, a rather random take from a shoot with Keira Grant way back in August, enjoy…



#0670_23A Venus With Fly Trap

#0670_24A Venus With Fly Trap



Sarah, Take #1

Sarah was good enough to come by and shoot last minute after another model flaked. Always good shooting with her... Been working on and off with Sarah since 2010...

Great window light in this new space I found, looking forward to shooting more there in the near future...







Rain Delay with Amber Kourtney

I've known Amber for some years now, and even though I haven't shot with her as much as some other models, regardless of how long it's been since we last collaborated, it usually takes us all of 30 seconds to get into a groove and start making good images. She's fun to work with, energetic, and always brings something to the table...

We decided we were going to attempt to shoot in the rain. How hard could it be, it rains all winter in Northern California right? Queue drought...

The first go round it was literally 68 degrees and sunny. So much for emo weather, but it was a good shoot none the less. We postponed for a bit, mostly due to my talent for breaking bones. After healing up, we gave it another go, this time it rained all day, stopped for the 2 hours that we were shooting, then picked up again later that night and didn't stop for a week. 

Third time is a charm apparently. We did this shoot in my backyard late one afternoon. It was absolutely pouring and we had an hour and a half worth of light at best. Things finally seemed to go our way. Then we got drunk and ate stir fry.







Juno, Take #2

Second take with Juno from February... more of the amazing window light in this space I've been shooting in... everything below was shot entirely with available light.

Check out Juno's work at More scans coming soon...

Amber, Rooftop Take #2

Second take from a shoot with Amber on a roof at night in the rain... the rain that didn't quite cooperate, but nonetheless made for some interesting (and very cold) shooting...

Check out Amber's work at

Amber, Rooftop Take #1

Yes, it seemed entirely normal when Amber said to me "we should totally shoot in the rain at night on this rooftop that I have access to." Because that's the way she rolls. Rain didn't exactly cooperate, though it was still colder than a well digger's ass up there...

Check out Amber's work at

Juno, Take #1

First take on film with Juno from February... amazing window light in this space I've been shooting in recently. Everything below was shot on Ilford HP5 400 film with available light only. Check out Juno's work at More scans coming soon...

Sonia, Portraits

So for a few years now we've had these little get togethers, some models and photographers and creative types, it was all started by Sonia on her birthday a while back and it's been a thing ever since. Things tend to get weird. Thought I'd share a few portraits I shot last time around of Sonia, just for giggles. You can see more of her work at

That's Cat, who jumped in there randomly in the last couple frames... you can see Cat's work at

Juno, Polaroids

Still working through a giant pile of films scans, but was able to clean up the Polaroids from my February shoot with Juno. My stash is now down to 5 boxes of color and 11 boxes of black and white polaroid pack film, and then that's it... gone, no more, forever. Such a shame...

Juno, Digital Tests...

Shot with Juno, a new(ish) model a few weeks back. Yes her name is actually Juno, which is rad. The model I was supposed to shoot with before her flaked 12 hours earlier, Juno was good enough to come in early...

Word of advice, if you're going to flake on a photographer, or flake on a model for that matter, writing to them 12 hours before shoot time saying "hey yeah I'm sick so not gonna make it 2morrow, u free next weekend? lol" is not the way to go about it.

Juno on the other hand is a great communicator and wonderful to work with. Check out more of her work here: Polaroid and film scans to come shortly...