Catalina, Take #1

#0543_05 - Catalina, 2017

Take #1 with Cat, the second shoot I did up in Inverness at the end of May. You can see Take #1 with Nicole here...

Cat showed up with a small truck load of wardrobe, which I always appreciate, am typically overwhelmed by, and almost never end up using, though we did end up putting a couple looks together.

More material on the way from both shoots, some great outdoor stuff and random shots I really dig involving a picnic table...

See more of Cat's work on Instagram and the obligatory Model Mayhem...

#0543_25 - Catalina, 2017

#0544_09A - Catalina, 2017

#0544_28A - Catalina, 2017

#0545_08A - Catalina, 2017