Juno, Take #1

First take on film with Juno from February... amazing window light in this space I've been shooting in recently. Everything below was shot on Ilford HP5 400 film with available light only. Check out Juno's work at https://instagram.com/juno_ltk/. More scans coming soon...

Sonia, Portraits

So for a few years now we've had these little get togethers, some models and photographers and creative types, it was all started by Sonia on her birthday a while back and it's been a thing ever since. Things tend to get weird. Thought I'd share a few portraits I shot last time around of Sonia, just for giggles. You can see more of her work at https://www.instagram.com/googlymonstor/

That's Cat, who jumped in there randomly in the last couple frames... you can see Cat's work at https://www.instagram.com/catalinacruise/

Juno, Polaroids

Still working through a giant pile of films scans, but was able to clean up the Polaroids from my February shoot with Juno. My stash is now down to 5 boxes of color and 11 boxes of black and white polaroid pack film, and then that's it... gone, no more, forever. Such a shame...

Brooke Eva, Take #1

First take from the film scans of a shoot with Brooke Eva in early January. You can see more of Brooke's work at http://www.brookeva.net/

Found a great new space to shoot in... beautiful old hardwood floors and great big shop windows with amazing natural light. Got a couple more shoots on the books already for February, looking to use those South facing widows...

New years resolution of shooting more is so far working out. If you're down to shoot, drop me a line, always looking for new people to work with.

You can contact me here...

All images shot with a DigiBee 400 mono light, Leica M2 /M3 - on Ilford FP4 125 film, developed in Rodinal.