Recent Acquisition...

So we had a baby about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been laying pretty low ever since. Hoping to post more work soon, I’ve got quite a bit on deck, but as was expected, I’m a bit busy. Here are a few Polaroids, because sometimes me and the boy get bored at night so we take pictures.

Thomas Eveland Szymanski, born September 26th, 5:21AM, 8 pounds, 8.9 ounces. Nice ears, close to the head, as my Polish grandmother used to say. He’s got my wife’s nose and my perpetually grumpy scowl…

Polaroids From The Road

A few Polaroids from a little Leica Sofort camera that shoots Fuji Instax Mini film... so I guess they aren't actually Polaroids anymore. Fujiroids? Leicaroids? I had an instructor in college that just called them "roids." He was a total asshole. Can we just agree to keep calling them Polaroids?

Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo, CA

San Luis Obispo, CA

Hwy 14 West

Panamint Valley, CA

Panamint Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley

Joshua Tree NP

Joshua Tree NP

Joshua Tree NP

Catalina, Take #3


Last take from a shoot with Cat way back when up in inverness... you can see more of her work on Instagram and Model Mayhem...

Threw in a few polaroids from the land camera and the instax for good measure. I'm almost completely out of the black and white FP3000 film. Think I've got about 6 boxes left in my stash and then it's gone forever. Still can't believe nobody is making pack film for instant cameras anymore. Seems it really is the end of an era.

Anyone who wants to shoot a box with me, drop me a line...


#0550_09A Catalina, Inverness 2017

#0549_18A Catalina, Inverness 2017

#0550_32A Catalina, Inverness 2017

#0550_18A Catalina, Inverness 2017

#0550_36A Catalina, Inverness 2017

Notes From The Road...

A few polaroids from the long weekend... we wandered up North to Humboldt to escape the heat wave... Was still 98 degrees on the coast, but a far cry from the 112 degrees on the drive up through Santa Rosa...

Drove through the redwoods on the 128 out to the coast, you forget how amazing Northern California is sometimes, living in the city.

We stayed in a cabin made out of an old wine barrel, which I had no idea was a life goal of mine until now...

Polaroids From The Road...

No. #20170128_05 Amboy, Ca.

Made a quick run down South through Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert back in January. I often forget just how empty most of California really is... and how "red" most of the small towns along the way really are. We stopped at this boarded up Motel, Roy's, in Amboy, which is somewhere between nowhere and not here. And then this RV full of German tourists rolls up, gets out, takes a bunch of pictures, and cuts out.

No. #20170127_02 Joshua Tree NP

No. #20170127_05 Joshua Tree NP

No. #20170128_04 Kelsoe Dunes, Mojave Desert.

We almost... almost...  climbed to the top of Kelsoe Sand Dunes, but my ankle full of metal and our small dog were not cooperating. Plus we ran out of water. In the desert. Because we're city folk, apparently.

No. #20170127_07 Joshua Tree NP

No. #20170128_06 Palm Springs, Ca.