Washington DC

Word On The Street

A collection of somewhat random frames, in no particular order, that didn't seem to make the cut, or the web, or whatever. For what it's worth...

#0566_08 - Tourists, Lincoln Memorial. Washington DC 2017

#0533_22 - "Diesel" San Francisco 2017

#0565_34 - Metro, Washington DC 2017

#0534_15A - Nursing Mother, New Montgomery Street 2017

#0532_35A - Market Street, 2017

#0566_36 - Washington DC 2017

#0567_31 - Civic Center Station, San Francisco 2017

Word On The Street: Washington, DC

I'd never been to Washington, DC before, and I'm more than a little pissed that my first experience there was during the rein of the buffoon the donald... the sea of make American great again hat's at the Air and Space Museum was enough to make you nauseous...

#0564_29 - Tourists, Supreme Court of the United States 2017

The entire place feels overwhelmingly fortified, and I don't think I've been subjected to so many searches, x-rays and metal detectors in my entire life than I was in the week I was in DC. None the less, it was a good time...

#0564_07 - Metro Station, Washington, DC 2017

#0565_37 - Metro Train, Washington DC 2017

#0566_03 - Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC 2017

#0567_10 - Tourists, the Washington Monument. Washington, DC 2017

#0564_15 - Protestor, Capitol Hill. Washington, DC 2017

#0565_20 - Protestor, Capitol Hill. Washington, DC 2017