Word On The Street

Word On The Street...

Sifting through a back log of negatives from the street. Here’s a few choice frames from the past couple months… More on the way…

#0713_29 - Muni Train, San Francisco

#0714_15A - Market Street, San Francisco

#0714_35A - Market Street, San Francisco.

#0714_07A - Castro Street, San Francisco.

#0715_02A - Market Street, San Francisco.

#0715_21A - Market Street, San Francisco

Word On The Street / Gallery Updates

Been sifting through a bunch of work, both new and old, breaking things up into smaller more manageable pieces… Starting with the Word On The Street gallery I’m breaking it up by year and moving older work to an archive page, where I’ll be posting more galleries from years past. I’ll be rolling out more work shortly, in the meantime, a few highlights from the street in 2018…





Word On The Street

Sometimes I’m worried where San Francisco is heading. Sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m worried one day all the weirdos will be gone. Sometimes I’m worried we’re just completely failing the ones who are left.

#0664_33 Powell Station

#0663_36 Market Street

#0663_16 Mission Street

#0672_22 Market Street

#0672_06 Mission Street

#0672_01 New Montgomery Street

#0672_19 New Montgomery Street

"Word On The Street" 2003 - 2018

Started pouring over old work one night serveral weeks ago, ended up completely revamping the gallery of street photographs posted here...

#0001_15 - Mission Street. San Francisco, 2003.

#0001_15 - Mission Street. San Francisco, 2003.

#0511_12A -  Amboy, California, 2017.

#0511_12A - Amboy, California, 2017.

After sifting through about 15 years worth of scans, I've posted around 120 images comprised of work going back to 2003 in reverse chronological order.

Everything is captioned and numbered, so if anyone is interested in prints, drop me a line with the reference number and I'll knock one out for you...

I'm treating this as a continuous work in progress, I'll be adding more images to it as I go. It's more of a living archive than a coherent piece, so keep an eye on it for new work posted semi-regularly.

#0287_14 -  Hornstull Tunnelbana. Stockholm, 2014.

#0287_14 - Hornstull Tunnelbana. Stockholm, 2014.

I have to say it's rather satisfying, on a personal level, to see this much work going back 15 years all in one place...

Check out the gallery at http://josephszymanski.com/word-on-the-street/

Word On The Street...

As always, a little randomness from the street... and a random frame from my mother's pool in Florida from a little vacation we took last month...

Word On The Street...

Buried in scans and grades and students and other stuff, not much time for wandering the streets these days, and the rain definitely puts a damper on things...  For now a few frames from the past couple months. Got a lot on deck, more scans and Polaroids and what not to come...

Word On The Street...

We ended up on a twin masted schooner in The Bay back in September. I specifically forbid all my students from photographing the Golden Gate Bridge for my class, so this first one's for them...

The Golden Gate - 2017

Tourist, San Francisco Bay - 2017

And a few more pre-injury snaps... working on getting back into the groove, looking forward to getting back on the street. Hoping to ditch the cane by the new year and get back to shooting on a regular basis.

For the time being it still takes me all day to do what I used to do all day...

Trying to spend a little more time in the darkroom, should be adding some prints to the shop in the near future. Also working on some mock ups for a new book for next year.

Not that I'm making any new year's resolutions, but I really need to get back to work...


Mendocino Coast - 2017

Market Street - 2017

Mission Street - 2017

Market Street - 2017

New Montgomery Street - 2017

Word On The Street

A collection of somewhat random frames, in no particular order, that didn't seem to make the cut, or the web, or whatever. For what it's worth...

#0566_08 - Tourists, Lincoln Memorial. Washington DC 2017

#0533_22 - "Diesel" San Francisco 2017

#0565_34 - Metro, Washington DC 2017

#0534_15A - Nursing Mother, New Montgomery Street 2017

#0532_35A - Market Street, 2017

#0566_36 - Washington DC 2017

#0567_31 - Civic Center Station, San Francisco 2017

Word On The Street

#0568_02 - Market Street, 2017

In Technicolor...

Or Kodak Portra, as it were.

Finally getting through the backlog of scans that have been languishing on my hard drives, starting with some local color around The City from August and September.

All images shot with a Voigtlander R3m and a Nokton 35mm f/1.4 on Kodak Portra 400 film with an 812 Warming filter.

#0569_32 - Howard Street, 2017

#0568_21 - Market Street 2017

#0568_14 - Fourth Street 2017

#0569_03 Market Street 2017

#0568_34 - Fourth Street 2017

Word On The Street: Washington, DC

I'd never been to Washington, DC before, and I'm more than a little pissed that my first experience there was during the rein of the buffoon the donald... the sea of make American great again hat's at the Air and Space Museum was enough to make you nauseous...

#0564_29 - Tourists, Supreme Court of the United States 2017

The entire place feels overwhelmingly fortified, and I don't think I've been subjected to so many searches, x-rays and metal detectors in my entire life than I was in the week I was in DC. None the less, it was a good time...

#0564_07 - Metro Station, Washington, DC 2017

#0565_37 - Metro Train, Washington DC 2017

#0566_03 - Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC 2017

#0567_10 - Tourists, the Washington Monument. Washington, DC 2017

#0564_15 - Protestor, Capitol Hill. Washington, DC 2017

#0565_20 - Protestor, Capitol Hill. Washington, DC 2017

Word On The Street: NYC

I hadn't been out to the East coast in probably a decade, but things worked out and I tagged along with my wife to a conference in Washington DC by way a New York for a few days...

#0563_14 - Brooklyn, New York 2017

New York has never really been my bag, nice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there. It was good to get away, we stayed in Brooklyn and rode the subway to the Whitney, walked the High Line, people sleep there a lot, found a dead mouse, drank to much, ate even more, then hopped a train to DC...

#0563_06 - High Line, Manhattan 2017

#0563_08 High Line, Manhattan 2017

#0563_21 - Mouse, Brooklyn 2017

Word On The Street

#0553_30 - Market Street, San Francisco 2017

In Technicolor no less... or Kodak Portra as it were...

A departure to say the least, I've been experimenting with some color film lately. My wife likes to tell people that I'm actually color blind. Seriously, she does it all the time.

All images shot with a Voigtlander R3m, 50mm Nokton f/1.1 on Kodak Portra 400 film.

Shout out to Photoworks SF for stellar processing and quick turn around... got to support the local shops...

#0551_17A - Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco 2017

#0553_18 - Market Street, San Francisco 2017

#0551_16A - New Montgomery Street, San Francisco 2017