Silver Gelatin Prints

Print Release, January 2017 - No. 0430_25A

#0430_25A - Sonia And Brittany, Queen Anne Hotel. San Francisco, California. February of 2016. Leica M2, Zeiss 35mm f/2 lens, Alford HP5 film.

Occasionally, not often, things just seem to fall into place... having been invited to a party by a model I'd worked with some years prior, along with a few other creatives, a couple other models, a few more photographers, things got weird, and this image happened.

Digital proofs were printed on Canson Fiber Rag, 5x7 proofs were printed on Ilford Cold Tone Fiber. All prints should ship this week.

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Happy New Year… and enjoy…

Print Release, November 2016 - No. 0373_22

#0373_22 - Louie's Barber Shop, Castro Street. San Francisco, California. September of 2015.

Shot with a Voigtlander R3m, 21mm f/4, Ilford HP5 400 film.

Some of the worst experiences of my life have been haircuts... but since moving to the neighborhood some years ago, I've grown to enjoy going to the barber shop at Castro and Market Streets. I actually debated whether I wanted to release this image at all, it's not something I'd typically print, andI originally printed it at the request of the owner of the barber shop , but in the process decided it might be worth a second look...

Prints should ship out this week. All 5x7 inch proofs are printed on Ilford Cold-Tone Fiberbase paper, and 8x10 proofs are printed on Oriental-Seagull Fiberbase paper.

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New Prints, October 2016

Slowly getting everything migrated over to the new platform... working on getting some new prints listed in the shop. Will hopefully be adding more as I go through some past negatives that I've been meaning to print. For now have a look at the print shop for the most recent additions... and as always, stay tuned for more... 

 No. 0363_23A - Castro Street Station. San Francisco, California. June of 2015.

 No. 0363_23A - Castro Street Station. San Francisco, California. June of 2015.

No. 0369_07 - Rodeo Beach, Marin County, CA. July of 2015.

No. 0369_07 - Rodeo Beach, Marin County, CA. July of 2015.

No. 0419_28A - Dogs, Ocean Beach. San Francisco, CA.

No. 0419_28A - Dogs, Ocean Beach. San Francisco, CA.

This Thing Called Patreon


With my list of preoccupations growing, a few months back I essentially shut down the Patreon page that I was attempting to build up. On top of that, migrating my website to another host and switching platforms unexpectedly broke a bunch of the content I had posted previously on Patreon, which tells me two things...

One, Patreon is not a terribly complete platform as of yet and lacks a great deal of functionality (or, I don't actually know how to use it properly, both answers are equally probable.) I'm sure it will come around, they keeping adding new bells and whistles, it just has a ways to go yet.

Two, I've really been going about posting content on Patreon all wrong thus far (not to suggest I know the right way to go about it now, but I'm going to try something different.) So here's what's happening at the moment...

I've scrapped a great deal of the content that I had posted previously on Patreon; the extended takes, larger galleries from studio shoots, etc., have all been pulled, for a host of reasons, the two most important being most of that content was broken, and it would take me an exorbitant amount of time to fix it all.

A couple months ago I changed the release of paid posts / prints from a per month schedule to a per-release structure, meaning patrons are charged only when I release content. For the time being I'm going to keep things this way, however I may go back to a per month release at some point.

I'm going to continue to release regular updates going forward, process notes, some behind the scenes stuff here and there, etc. Long story short, I'm going to use Patreon predominantly to distribute prints on a regular basis to patrons from here on out. Prints will be released no more than once a month moving forward...

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Print Release / Reward Tiers are as follows...

$10 per release: 4.25x5.5 inch digital proof print. Printed with Epson inks on Canson Fiber Rag paper, signed and dated on the back of the print.

$20 per release: 5x7 inch fiberbase proof print, hand made, signed and dated.

$40 per release: 8x10 inch fiberbase proof print, hand made, signed and dated.

$75 per release: 11x14 inch fiberbase master print, hand made, signed, dated and numbered. Selenium toned for permanence.