Marsharll's Beach

Adrianna, Take #1

#0488_21 - Adrianna, October 2016

Finally edited through some work I shot with Adrianna way back in October of last year. It was the last shoot I was able to squeeze in before the weather absolutely went sideways on us out here. There was a lot of haze and the light was changing fast, but the wind held off and we were pretty protected by the rocks and were able to shoot for a couple hours without any hypothermia...

All images shot on location at Marshall's Beach in San Francisco. Still have more images to sort through. Hoping to knock out a couple prints in the darkroom from this shoot for future print releases.

If you're interested in getting prints early and cheap, check out my Patreon page...

#0488_08 - Adrianna, October 2016

#488_36 - Adrianna, October 2016

#0489_12A - Adrianna, October 2016