"Word On The Street" 2003 - 2018

Started pouring over old work one night serveral weeks ago, ended up completely revamping the gallery of street photographs posted here...

#0001_15 - Mission Street. San Francisco, 2003.

#0001_15 - Mission Street. San Francisco, 2003.

#0511_12A -  Amboy, California, 2017.

#0511_12A - Amboy, California, 2017.

After sifting through about 15 years worth of scans, I've posted around 120 images comprised of work going back to 2003 in reverse chronological order.

Everything is captioned and numbered, so if anyone is interested in prints, drop me a line with the reference number and I'll knock one out for you...

I'm treating this as a continuous work in progress, I'll be adding more images to it as I go. It's more of a living archive than a coherent piece, so keep an eye on it for new work posted semi-regularly.

#0287_14 -  Hornstull Tunnelbana. Stockholm, 2014.

#0287_14 - Hornstull Tunnelbana. Stockholm, 2014.

I have to say it's rather satisfying, on a personal level, to see this much work going back 15 years all in one place...

Check out the gallery at http://josephszymanski.com/word-on-the-street/