Polaroids From The Road...

No. #20170128_05 Amboy, Ca.

Made a quick run down South through Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave Desert back in January. I often forget just how empty most of California really is... and how "red" most of the small towns along the way really are. We stopped at this boarded up Motel, Roy's, in Amboy, which is somewhere between nowhere and not here. And then this RV full of German tourists rolls up, gets out, takes a bunch of pictures, and cuts out.

No. #20170127_02 Joshua Tree NP

No. #20170127_05 Joshua Tree NP

No. #20170128_04 Kelsoe Dunes, Mojave Desert.

We almost... almost...  climbed to the top of Kelsoe Sand Dunes, but my ankle full of metal and our small dog were not cooperating. Plus we ran out of water. In the desert. Because we're city folk, apparently.

No. #20170127_07 Joshua Tree NP

No. #20170128_06 Palm Springs, Ca.