My Lung Was On Vacation

20110706-024011.jpg My apologies for the hiatus and lack of updates, my lung was on vacation... I woke up last Saturday morning a little short of breath, which turned into "shit I really can't breath and it feels like a truck is parked on my chest, I should probably see someone about that."

This has happened before, my left lung spontaneously collapsed about five years ago, so I knew the drill. If you are interested in the mechanics, check out Wikipedia.

Took a cab to the ER, stumbled in, pulled up a chair to the admit window and slumped down. The woman behind the glass was amazing, big giant hair, obscenely long finger nails. She asked if she could help me.

"Yes ma'am, I have a spontaneous pneumothorax and it really hurts."

Her response, and I quote "child you talkin' crazy."

So after 11 days in the hospital, 2 different chest tubes, and a small operation, my right lung has been re-inflated, at least for the time being. Recovering well so far, probably be be down and out for another week, but hope to get back to posting soon.

So again, my apologies for the hiatus, my lung was on vacation...