Hey Tech Bro, Chill Out...

Last night, while walking home, no more than 200 feet from my front door, I was very nearly run down in a cross walk by a tech bro in a Prius. The situation quickly escalated when this trained ape yelled at me to get out of the road and I told him, rather politely, to go fuck himself. Words were exchanged, I questioned his sanity, he questioned my ability to cross the street properly, adding that he was blinded by a headlight... He was very, very aggressive, he took off his seat belt, opened his door and was about to get out of his car... however a physical altercation was avoided only after my not so veiled threats to break his face while doing my best "crazy eyes." Crisis averted. No tech bros will be shanked tonight... I've lived in San Francisco for about 16 years now, it's home. I left the suburbs of Detroit in search of a place where I might fit in and have never found a compelling reason to leave. I've been incredibly fortunate over the years to be able to stay in this amazing city, and though at times it hasn't been easy, it's been entirely worth it. I've seen this place go through a lot of changes, but I refuse to get on the band wagon that the city is being, or will be ruined. The general consensus around here these days is that we're on the fast track to becoming the next Manhattan, over-run with young moneyed morons using our fair city as their playground (or garbage can, depending on your outlook). I don't buy it. This latest crop of assholes getting rich quick is no different than the last batch, and I refuse to accept that this place is turning into another New York.

San Francisco is a boom town, always has been, always will be. So if you startup-douche-nozzles want to come here and treat this town like a frat party, knock yourselves out, myself and the rest of the weirdos will weather this storm, just like we have all the others. You're takers, and that's fine. Be 28 and really rich and an asshole. Just don't think for a second that we're ever going to take you seriously, or that we'll let you ruin this place for the rest of us.

But listen guys, all you tech bros out there, people walk here, we cross the street. So please... chill the fuck out. And don't fuck with us.