Brief Hiatus, Etc.

As it turns out, hydrocodone and hydromorphone, when taken together, give me really vivid, hyper-realistic dreams, the drawback of which is that to acquire these substances I was forced to pass a kidney stone over the course of 4 days of roughly 3 millimeters in diameter, which doesn't sound like much, until you push one of these jagged little death rocks through your ureter. Now far be it from me to brag, but I've got probably 50 hours worth of tattoos on my body, and I have collapsed a lung... twice. It's safe to say that I have a fairly high tolerance for pain. Believe me when I tell you that kidney stones are tiny demons sent here from a fiery Hellmouth to torture you for their own pleasure while you writhe in pain screaming like a hungry angry baby. So it's been a long week for me. And yesterday our car was stolen out of our driveway. So there's that. Regardless, regular posting should resume shortly pending any more demon rocks or stolen property.

End rant.