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Got Books...?

For this years obligatory Black Friday post... here's a selection of small books I've published over the years. Signed copies are available in the shop, on demand copies available at

Fragments: A collection of rather personal photographs. Originally published in 2015.
Signed Copies | On Demand | Excerpts

Midnight: Originally published in 2012.
Signed Copies | On Demand

Prints, Books, Etc.

So it's the holidays, again... and seeing as the buying season is already running full tilt, I though I'd remind all of you about all the really amazing stuff that you could buy (from me) that isn't from Wal-Mart or Target... so in turn, I can buy more film, bourbon, shampoo, you know, important things...

Fine Art Prints

I've updated and added a bunch of new prints to the shop... and I'll be adding more throughout the month. In addition to regular prints I'm putting up some framed finished pieces that I have on hand at reduced prices...

Books On Demand

All three books that I've put out listed in the shop as signed copies, limited to what I have on hand... you can find them here...

If you're not interested in a signed copy you can pick up any of them on demand through at the links listed below...


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