StartUp Art Fair San Francisco - April 26th-28th

I’ve been accepted into the 2019 StartUp Art Fair at the Hotel Del Sol in San Francisco, running from April 26th to the 28th. The fair will host over 60 contemporary artists from California to Hawaii, New York to Colorado, Missouri, Maine, and as far away as Switzerland.

What this essentially translates to is, I have less than 60 days to edit, print, mat, frame and hang what amounts to a small solo exhibition. Queue nervous breakdown…

I’m putting a small project together, loosely entitled “Unwritten Notes” that draws from photographs during time spent on the road. Comprised of work covering a span of nearly 15 years, the photographs deal with distance, isolation, personal history, the allure of disappearing and the occasional nod to the overly romanticized notion of the American road trip.

#0250_23A - “Unwritten Notes” The Salton Sea, California 2013

This is the first time in a long while I’ll be showing any amount of my own work. It’ll be fun, and a ton of work to be sure. I’ll be posting some process stuff, behind the scenes, works in progress, etc. Tickets are already on sale, go grab some, it should be a great event with a ton of good work…

Friday April 26th, Saturday the 27th, and Sunday the 28th, at the Hotel Del Sol, 3100 Webster Street in San Francisco, stay tune for more info.

#0172_05 “Unwritten Notes” West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California 2010