Fine Art Prints

I am of the firm belief that a photograph is not finished until it has been printed. As such I take great pride and care in the printing of my work. All black and white prints are hand made in the darkroom by me using traditional processes and archival methods.

Prints of 5x7 and 8x10 inches, are un-manipulated, straight prints directly from the original negative, printed on double weight fiber base paper. All proofs are captioned and signed.

Master prints, in 11x14 inches and above, are custom printed on demand, using double weight fiber base paper. Master prints are selenium toned for permanence. All master prints are captioned and signed on the front of the print, outside of the image area.

Because of the handmade nature of these prints, no two pieces are ever absolutely identical. You can be confident when making a purchase that you will receive a completely unique, one-off, hand made piece of art or the highest quality and archival stability. All orders ship for a flat rate, and I guarantee satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your print, send it back, no questions asked, for a full refund. 

Standard pricing and sizes are as follows:

• 5x7 inch Print - $55.00                   • 8x10 inch Print - $175.00

• 11x14 inch Master Print - $425.00             • 16x20 inch Master Print - $725.00


Please note that all prints are made on demand and are typically not kept "in stock." As such, it can take up to several weeks to fulfill any print order, depending on size and volume. Please keep this in mind when making a purchase. For a list of images that I regularly print, please visit the print shop. For all other inquiries regarding prints, please contact me directly...