self portrait
Self Portrait. Original Polaroid, 2013.

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Artist's Biography

I was born on a Monday in Wyandotte, a small suburb of Detroit, and spent my entire childhood in South Eastern Michigan. After secondary school I moved to San Francisco to attend college. There I studied art formally for five years, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in documentary photography.

Following graduation, I worked as a freelancer in San Francisco for a short time, shooting for various publications around the Bay Area. Somewhere along the line I became rather fed up with the direction the freelance world was heading at the behest of the digital insurrection. Value has now been placed entirely on volume and immediacy. Quality, artistry and depth are no longer appreciated or desired. A depressing reality, but a reality nonetheless. As such, the market has seen a deluge of mediocrity on a biblical scale.

I quickly abandoned the freelance game, giving up on digital capture and picking up the film cameras again, returning to the darkroom with a more artistic approach, able to focus solely on my own personal work. Since then I have realized that I am interested in the process of making photographs just as much as I am interested in photographs themselves. Something is lost when the process is removed, which is primarily why I continue to work using traditional methods to this day.

Today I continue to live in San Francisco, working on personal photographic projects, as well as several web projects with other photographers and designers. Additionally, I hold a part time faculty position at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, teaching a digital photography course of all things... go figure.


Other Places To Find Me On The Web » To stay apprised of all things happening in my little corner of the interwebs please visit my weblog. I post pretty regularly, things I'm shooting, general goings on, etc. » Facebook, narcissism at it's finest... Be my friend:) » Yes I have a tumblr, because tumblr is amazing and it's all we have left, let's hope yahoo doesn't screw it up royally. » I actually have no idea how to use twitter, but whatever gets posted on my blog gets posted there as well, and people seem to use that whole twitter thing a lot. Nobody actually uses flickr anymore do they...? Prints and Books, digital artist proofs, fine art silver gelatin prints, all found here in my little shop.


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